I write the way your customers listen.

You’ve got 8 seconds…

…and then your customer’s gone.

And if that got your attention, maybe I should be writing your web copy.

It’s true: Web surfers spend an average of 8 seconds on a site before they’re on to the next one and have forgotten all about you. So, how do you keep them on yours, clicking through your pages?

Copy. Not gimmicks, not bells and whistles. Words. And no selling! Your web visitors are hit with about 3,000 ads a day and they’re tired of it. They have a problem—they want a solution. Period. Your web copy and all your other written material needs to do one thing: Solve Their Problem.

But how do you tell them you are their solution without “selling” them?

To get an idea about that, look at What I’ve Done and What I Can Do. Then give me a call or send an email and we’ll answer that question for you.


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