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Think You Can Shock Grandma?

As I draw nearer to the outer edge of middle age, I find myself more and more puzzled by the attitude of young-adult/pre-middle-age people. They seem to think old people are fragile. I don’t mean physically. Somehow, they have the idea that we become more easily upset and offended as we get older. This really puzzles me, even as I admit to thinking that myself in my younger days.

Mike Pence is Sending Me $10 million!

Did you know that the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence himself, sent me an email asking for my name, address, and cell-phone number?  Yes, all I have to do is send them this email address: mikepence727@yahoo.com  (Psst: This is just between you and me, okay?)  See, he needs this information to make sure he sends my check for $10 million US dollars to the correct address!  Isn’t that nice of him!  I take back everything I have ever though about the man!

“President is Missing” by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

I have this wonderful picture in my mind: Clinton goes to Patterson and says, “Jim!  Jim, we gotta write this, ya gotta help me with it!  Nothing classified, a course, cain’t do that.  But just something to let people know there’s stuff they don’t know!” 

This book is pure fiction (if it weren’t, Mr. Clinton would be under all kinds of arrest.), but what I think is true – and what is important – is that there are very often things that no one can be told, as a matter of national security.  I’m sure there are things that even Congress doesn’t know, that maybe even the president’s inner circle doesn’t know.  And the public certainly doesn’t.

“Homeland Burning”: Our Nation’s Worst Fear

If you follow me closely, you may recognize the names Brinn Colenda and Tom Callahan. One man is real, the other is his creation. Mr. Colenda is the author of two other books in the Callahan family saga, Cochabamba Conspiracy and Chita Quest. He has just released the third book in this eventual sextet, Homeland Burning. And it is at least as captivating as the other two.

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