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Learn How to Fight, Part 2

When you have a fight or a disagreement with someone, before you do too much back and forth, I’m-right-no-I’m-right, etc., be very clear on what you are fighting about. Now, that may sounds stupid. Of course you know what you’re fighting about. Why else would you be fighting?

Learn How to Fight, Part 1

People don’t know how to fight. Have you noticed that? They don’t fight fair. I’m talking about in relationships. Like, if someone says, “You were out of line here,” and you say, “You’re right, I was, I’m sorry,” I don’t think that person should be able to pull that one out again.

Aaron Marcus: Home Town Boy Does Good

Aaron R. Marcus and I went to high school together. I was on stage while he was always the one behind the scenes, mostly doing lights. He was one of those boys who is so skinny, if he didn’t wear loose clothing you’d never have been able to see him.

Use One of the Secrets of the Rich!

We all want to know the secrets of the rich, right? Well, this is one of them: Incorporate. Becoming a corporate entity has many advantages financially. The first advantage is you pay many of your bills before being taxed on that money. The way most of us do it, we work, pay taxes, and pay bills with what’s left.

UGG®: Lessons in Marketing

Everyone in Australia wore sheepskin boots. They were amazingly durable and they kept feet warm even in the worst of conditions. Surfers loved them! A surfer could put them on his wet feet, straight out of the ocean, and they would be warm and dry almost immediately. You’d think they’d be uncomfortably warm, though, wouldn’t you? Nope. They keep feet at a constant temperature. Hmm…

Etiquette Never Goes Out of Style

If your eyes just glazed over, hang on a sec. Etiquette is not complicated or arcane. It’s about how we treat people. I think the problem is more with the word than the concept. The term etiquette conjures up images of formal dinners where there is more silverware than courses.  Maya Angelou said, “I want to display courtesy, courage, patience, and strength all the time.

Overwhelmed by Social Media?

If you’re in business and have not been living under a rock, you know social media has become one of the strongest marketing tools available now. It’s probably not the death knell to mail, newspapers, or television and radio ads that many are saying it is, but if you want your business to grow, you must use online marketing sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. You cannot do what’s been working for you for years; it won’t anymore.

Business Coaches vs. Business Mentors

Business coaching used to be a luxury for start-ups. These days, it seems almost a necessity. Or is it? Let’s take a look.  First, the difference between a coach and a mentor. A mentor has done what you want to do. S/he has walked that road successfully, and so can help you walk it faster. Or at least know what challenges you’re probably going to face and when. A business coach knows business. T

How You Look Matters in Business … and in Life

grew up believing it was vanity to worry about looking good when you left the house. It didn’t matter what you looked like. “It’s what’s inside that counts.” How many times did I hear that growing up! And while, ultimately that is true, it’s also not.  When we first see someone, within three seconds we form an opinion of them. It’s not conscious, you can’t help but do it. What else can that opinion be based on but how you present yourself?

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