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The Great Equalizer: The Ladies Room

Jan 21, 2017 | Just for Fun

It’s true. Young girls especially are very competitive in the outside world, particularly at clubs and bars. Girls do not help each other out that much. But for some reason, all that changes in the ladies room.

Within its confines is a co-operative where everyone helps everyone else, wanting only the best for them. I have walked into a ladies’ room and walked out looking entirely different because I asked if anyone had a comb. This is true, I am not exaggerating. People commented on it.

You see, the woman who was the first to produce a comb said, “Here, let’s give you a little volume (my hair is very thin and limp)? Let’s tease it up a little (just a little, she didn’t give me an 80’s ‘do).” “Oh, here. Here’s some hair spray. Let’s just put a little at the roots so you’ll keep the volume.” “Oh, wait! I have a shade of lipstick will look great on you!” “That’ll look much more stylish with the collar up.” Then they checked me over and agreed it was okay for me to go back out.

I was at a bar with some friends and one of the guys commented on some other girl was wearing. His girlfriend said, “She got it at This Place.” “How do you know that?” Women talk about everything in the ladies’ room. She buys her panty hose at Some Store, and someone else…” The guys were amazed. “You all talk about all that?” “Oh, yeah,” we all agreed.

Then one of the guys, the big guy with a full beard who looked like a lumberjack, got up and went into the ladies room! We all sat and stared at the door to see how long it be before we heard screams and saw him propelled out the door, and it didn’t happen! A couple minutes later, have came out and said, “You’re right.  They do talk about everything in there!”

As far as I know, no one has ever advanced a theory on why there is this sudden change in there, but I have an idea. First of all, we all know women are very social animals who travel in groups. Well, out on the dance floor, you can’t do that. I think there’s another reason, too. I think girls and women really want to support and help each other, but won’t do it when guys are around because of the competition thing. So, they do in their own private space, when no guys are around.

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