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Think You Can Shock Grandma?

As I draw nearer to the outer edge of middle age, I find myself more and more puzzled by the attitude of young-adult/pre-middle-age people. They seem to think old people are fragile. I don’t mean physically. Somehow, they have the idea that we become more easily upset and offended as we get older. This really puzzles me, even as I admit to thinking that myself in my younger days.

Is the BBQ Gonna Kill Us?

One of our great national pastimes has come under fire (pun intended): Grilling.  Really?  What are we supposed to do on Memorial Day?  The 4th of July?  Labor Day?

Turns out, it’s not so bleak as all that.  Read on for details…

Learn How to Fight, Part 2

When you have a fight or a disagreement with someone, before you do too much back and forth, I’m-right-no-I’m-right, etc., be very clear on what you are fighting about. Now, that may sounds stupid. Of course you know what you’re fighting about. Why else would you be fighting?

High Blood Pressure the Silent Killer

High blood pressure (HBP) is often called the Silent Killer because it has virtually no symptoms until/unless it gets to dangerous levels. About 1 in 3 adults in this country have it and, though there are no symptoms in the early and mid stages, the Heart Association says that over 80% of us with it are aware of it.

Learn How to Fight, Part 1

People don’t know how to fight. Have you noticed that? They don’t fight fair. I’m talking about in relationships. Like, if someone says, “You were out of line here,” and you say, “You’re right, I was, I’m sorry,” I don’t think that person should be able to pull that one out again.

Aaron Marcus: Home Town Boy Does Good

Aaron R. Marcus and I went to high school together. I was on stage while he was always the one behind the scenes, mostly doing lights. He was one of those boys who is so skinny, if he didn’t wear loose clothing you’d never have been able to see him.

Why Can’t We Be as Happy as Trash Collectors?

In my building, we put our trash outside our doors two days a week and someone comes by and picks it up. We are instructed not to put our trash out the night before, but to put it out between 6-8 that morning. Well, what if you put it out right at 8 and trash collection started at 6, so you missed it?

A Fresh Look at Sunscreen

I don’t know about where you live, but in the mid-Atlantic region, the weather is being typical, but in spades. This is the time of year when you never know what season it’s going to be tomorrow, but this year has taken it to new heights. The end of September, it was in the mid-high-80s. Very weird. Then the last day of the month, it didn’t get above 70º.

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