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Is the BBQ Gonna Kill Us?

Sep 10, 2018 | Health and Life Style

One of the most popular means of cooking in the summer is the BBQ. It is generally considered not just a way of cooking food, but a social event. However, in recent years, a pall has been cast over this great American pastime. It has been said that grilling meat makes it carcinogenic* and that’s scaring a lot of people away from it. Here’s the truth:

Grilling meat at high temperatures does create 2 known carcinogens. It’s that delightful sizzle of the fat that is the culprit. The risk has not been shown to be serious for the average consumer, but it’s easy to greatly reduce it.

  1. Use lean cuts and trim away as much fat as you can
  2. Keep the grill very clean
  3. Trim away the charred parts
  4. Cook, don’t burn. Keep the grill low
  5. Grill fruits and vegetables. No fats = no carcinogens

We’ve still got at least another month of BBQing left, so just check out these links so you know you’re safe.




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