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Why Not Jumping Joes or Jumping Steves?

We’ve all done them. In elementary school, if nowhere else. The Jumping Jack. It’s pretty easy to see why it’s called a jumping something, but why Jack? There are several stories that claim to explain this. One is quite simply that it looks like the jacks you played with as a kid.

New Shoes

I got new shoes. You know, just normal, everyday shoes. Which would hardly seem something to write a blog post about. Except that I don’t have normal, everyday shoes. I rarely buy shoes except for athletic shoes.

When is 5 Pounds Not 5 Pounds?

At the gym, I hang a weight off my ankle to do leg lifts. I’d been using a 5-pound plate, but I wanted to increase it, so I picked up a 7.5-pound dumbbell. The thing was, it didn’t really feel any heavier. So, I picked up the plate in the other hand to compare and it still didn’t feel any heavier.

Dead Ringer, Graveyard Shift, Saved by the Bell

Back in the day, not all those buried were actually dead. So, a string was tied to the probably-deceased’s wrist that lead to a bell on their grave. Supposedly, if they woke up and discovered they were not, in fact, dead, they would move their wrist – or, more likely, frantically pound their hands in panic –

I Don’t Know When to Shower

Two weeks ago, I had some reconstructive work done on my nose and the doctor doesn’t want me to work out again for another two weeks. This is difficult for me for several reasons.

Things I Find Odd

Ever noticed that when you see people out of the context you usually see them in, they’re suddenly a whole different person? You don’t think of them outside of that one environment, so it’s actually a little surprising that they exist in other environments. I mean, you know they do.

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