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Spring at Last!

Spring appears to be here for real now. We had many individual days of spring in February and March, but the next day, it would be 38º again.  When the weather is temperate for more than two days in a row, more people get colds than in most of the winter months.

Only Make Tiramisu for a Party

Or if you have a big family. I’ll get to that later.  I read something about tiramisu in the paper recently, so I got a bug up my butt   about it.  I used to work in a Little Italy district, so I know tiramisu. For those of you who don’t, it’s a very creamy, very rich dessert.

Morning People, Read This!

There is little more annoying to a non-morning person than a morning person. They just don’t get it. The sun is shining, they’re dancing about as they pour their coffee and grab their briefcase, completely oblivious to the fact that we non-morning people are not responding. In fact, are growling.

THE LADIES’ ROOM: The Great Equalizer

For women, anyway. I’m pretty sure it’s not like that in the men’s room. Partly because they don’t need that kind of equalizer. Young girls especially are very competitive in the outside world. That’s especially true at clubs and bars. Girls do not help each other out that much. There are only just so many guys that are keepers, right? But for some reason, all that changes in the ladies’ room.

The Great Equalizer: The Ladies Room

It’s true. Young girls especially are very competitive in the outside world, particularly at clubs and bars. Girls do not help each other out that much. But for some reason, all that changes in the ladies room.  Within its confines is a co-operative where everyone helps everyone else, wanting only the best for them. I have walked into a ladies’ room and walked out looking entirely different because I asked if anyone had a comb. This is true, I am not exaggerating. People commented on it.

Go Hug a Fish

I love this picture! That little girl is so happy! Not many of us would be that delighted to hug a fish to our chest. Fish are slimy and yucky. But she doesn’t know that yet. For whatever reason, she just loves that fish. Or loves the way it feels when it wriggles against her. Who knows? But she’s happy, so who cares?

Appreciate What is Around You

As I was getting back into my car in the mall parking lot, the guy sitting in his care two spaces away (no cars in between), said, “You’re beautiful!” He was well past middle age and he just had this big ol’ smile on his face. Not leering, just enjoying looking at what he considered to be a beautiful woman.

How Do Parents Stay Sane?

Last weekend, my brother and 7-year-old nephew were in town. While my brother went to his high school reunion, I had Sam for the night. He would have been quite happy to play with all the different sounds on my keyboard all evening, but I thought it would be a good idea to feed him, so we went out for pizza. My brother had left the car seat with me, so with Sam in the back seat in his booster seat, I drove us to the pizza place.

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