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Winning v. Losing: Nicknames Required

Have you ever noticed that nicknames seem to be required in baseball? For the stand-outs, anyway. Name a baseball superstar who isn’t known by his nickname. Dizzy Dean… Shoeless Joe … Jim Palmer… Okay, maybe not all. Anyway, Cy Young was one of the best pitchers in the history of the sport, but his name is not Cy, it’s Denton. At his first professional try-out, he pitched a ball so fast that it smashed into the wooden fence behind home plate and tore it up.

ESPN’s Fan Hall of Fame

Did you even know there was one? ESPN created the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame in 2012, to be the “home to the men and women who keep the game alive.” As it is with the music and movies, so it is with pro sports: Without fans, you have nothing.

Belts Really Work!

I bought something today that I never buy. A belt. I had always considered belts to be largely ornamental, and since I almost always have my shirt untucked when I’m wearing jeans so the belt loops don’t show, it seemed unnecessary.   But I just bought three new pairs of jeans, and they fit fine in the dressing room.

Not With a Bang, But a Crash

That’s how my weekend started. Literally. I was at my desk when I heard two very loud thumps outside my kitchen, followed by a resounding crash. The first thing I did was scream. It scared the heck out of me!

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