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Lavender Rules!

May 8, 2017 | Health and Life Style

I’m sure you all know that there are many plants and herbs that have a lot of medicine value, like garlic and honey. You can add lavender to that list. As anyone who has smelled lavender knows, it’s very relaxing, the smell makes you sleepy.

It’s good for almost any type of anxiety, including depression and insomnia. It’s known to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Just put dried lavender on your nightstand, fill a sachet with a potpourri of it and put it on your pillow, or use the essential oil in a diffuser. In fact, go ahead and put the potpourri all around the home.

The name lavender comes from the Latin word lavere, meaning to wash. It is often used as a wash to help cleanse and purify skin. It’s an anti-inflammatory, probably in part due to it’s calming properties.

It can help fight dandruff and belly bloat.  Mix lavender essential oil (about 15 drops) with a couple tablespoons of almond or olive oil, warm it up, and massage it into your scalp.  Then put a plastic shower cap on your head, leave it for an hour, and wash it out to treat dandruff.  You may not see results on the first treatment, but you should after a few of them.

Belly bloat is sometimes the result of an imbalance of the “good” and “bad” bacteria in your gut, a common result of taking antibiotics, for instance.  You’ll want to use dried lavender for this.  Just sprinkle it on yogurt, a salad, whatever.

The essential oil is great to put on mosquito bites as it soothes itchy skin. It also speeds would healing.  And in case I am not the only person who did not know this, lavender is one of the herbs in herbes de Provence. You can put on everything from meats to vegetables to whole grains.

All this and that great smell and lovely color, too.

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