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Learn How to Fight, Part 1

May 7, 2018 | Business, Health and Life Style

People don’t know how to fight. Have you noticed that? They don’t fight fair. I’m talking about in relationships. Like, if someone says, “You were out of line here,” and you say, “You’re right, I was, I’m sorry,” I don’t think that person should be able to pull that one out again. I think once you apologize – genuinely apologize – that particular transgression has to be seen as resolved and you don’t get to mention if again when something similar happens that pisses you off. When you get pissed at the person again, you don’t get to say, “Yeah, and remember that time you…” Not fair. You already took that one off the books.

When you have fights, I think you have to view any barbs you throw as bullets: They’re only good for one use.

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