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A Fresh Look at Sunscreen

Oct 22, 2017 | Health and Life Style

I don’t know about where you live, but in the mid-Atlantic region, the weather is being typical, but in spades. This is the time of year when you never know what season it’s going to be tomorrow, but this year has taken it to new heights. The end of September, it was in the mid-high-80s. Very weird. Then the last day of the month, it didn’t get above 70º. Then we’d go back and forth between 80s and mid 70s. But it’s been in the upper 60s for a couple of days now, so autumn may finally be here.

So, let’s do a cold-weather tune-up. First, keep using sun screen! Skiers know this; they wear lots of it on the slopes. It’s worse there because the sun reflects off the snow. My sister’s nose is red all winter, no matter how much sunscreen she puts on.

Use moisturizer. Or, if you already do, use more. Cold weather is drying by itself, but when you add heaters to the mix, it can suck you dry. If you have allergies, you should probably use more saline spray because your sinuses will dry out, too. This also means you should drink more water than you’re used to. Your internal organs don’t function well if you dehydrate.

Start taking vitamin D supplements. In the summer, most of us can get enough of it from the sun, but we tend not to be outside as much when it’s cold out. And we keep finding out that vitamin D is more necessary than we seem to think.
No matter the season, you’re supposed to eat your vegetables. It’s best to eat seasonal vegetables and in the winter, we get all that wonderful winter squash: butternut, acorn, delicata (one of my favorites), and, yes, pumpkin. And the roasted seeds not only taste great, but are very nutritious. The link here will talk you through the process, which is very easy.

So, if winter ever actually comes, you’ll be ready for it.

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