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I Never Noticed That Before!

Jan 23, 2018 | Ponderables

The screen on my desk phone tilts up. I’ve had this phone on my desk for at least five years and I never noticed that before. All those five years, I’ve craned my neck and finally had to stand up from my chair to read the screen because of the glare. Not a huge big deal, but very annoying.

I must have been standing in a slightly different position so the light hit it just a little differently this time. I can’t think of any other reason I finally noticed that the line I saw might have been a hinge. And so it was! So, I tilted the screen up so I can see it easily from my chair.

Now, I realize this is not an earth-shattering observation. My point in telling you this story is to remind us all of how often the solution is right in front of our faces, but we just never see it. If we take the time to look at things from even a slightly different perspective, we might be surprised how different things look.

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