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Children’s Vaccines: Must-Haves or Dangerous Toxins?

There’s been a lot of noise lately about vaccines causing autism and other diseases and disorders. Most of the controversy surrounds the aluminum used in the vaccines. It is true that aluminum is a very toxic substance to the human body and it is true that many vaccines do contain aluminum. The argument by the medical community is that it is not in a form that can harm the child.

Folk Remedies – Mustard for Leg Cramps

You know those lower leg cramps you occasionally get at night? The ones that wake you up from a sound sleep? Well, I was walking too long in heels last weekend and I woke up with one that night. Oddly, it was the front of my lower leg, not the calf, which I’ve never heard of. I just watched my toes being drawn up towards my knee, helpless to stop it. Then the other one started doing the same thing.

If He Hits You, LEAVE!

There’s suddenly a lot of attention on abusive behavior of men towards women. As there should be. There is never an excuse for a man to hit a woman.* We don’t hit, we use our words. Did we not learn that in kindergarten? But some guys, that’s who they are and in way too many cases, they’re not going to change.

In Appreciation of Maya Angelou

I publish a monthly newsletter for In Other Words…, my editing, writing, and talk radio company.  In June, my main article was an homage to Ms. Maya Angelou, who had died just a few days before, on May 28th.  I’m not going to reproduce the whole article here, I’m just going to give you this one section.

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