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If He Hits You, LEAVE!

Feb 8, 2015 | Health and Life Style

There’s suddenly a lot of attention on abusive behavior of men towards women. As there should be. There is never an excuse for a man to hit a woman.* We don’t hit, we use our words. Did we not learn that in kindergarten? But some guys, that’s who they are and in way too many cases, they’re not going to change. Of course, we need to keep trying to get them to. And we seriously need to dole out significant consequences when they do not. A 2-game suspension, for instance, is a joke, as we all know.

But the real place to put our attention is on the women. I think the real problem is the devastatingly poor self-image that so many have. They think so little of themselves that they think it’s okay for them to be treated like that. We need to build them up to the point where they do not tolerate that kind of behavior. I’ll tell you what. A guy might hit me, but he’s only ever going to do it once, because I’m not going to be around for him to hit me a second time. I’d be outta there, never to return. We need to get all women to that point.

If you stay, you’re telling them it’s okay to behave that way. His behavior is still inexcusable, but if woman stops tolerating the behavior, the behavior will stop.

I know I’m stating this very simplistically. I also know that saying this to abused woman will do nothing but get them angry at you. I understand this. But we have to keep trying. We have to do something.

We need to help these women build their self-esteem to where they know they do not deserve to be hit. We need to have more support networks set up for them if they do decide to leave. The focus needs to be on the women, on building her up. Because the bottom line is, the guy’s probably not going to change.

 *I know some women abuse men, but it’s an infinitesimal percentage.


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