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Pretty or Smart?

I saw a question in an online forum a couple days ago. It asked women if they would rather be called pretty or smart. Clearly, you’re supposed to say you’d rather be called smart, but that’s not what I said. I know I’m smart. And even if I didn’t, I’m told all the time. This is not bragging.

Quick and (Really) Easy Exercise Tip

Most of you reading this are entrepreneurs. When you run your own business, it’s very easy to put yourself last on your priority list. There’s just so much to do! You don’t have time for [insert activity here]!

We Need Some Say in Our Lives

Most of us have more control over our own lives than we sometimes want. I mean, don’t you sometimes feel like saying, “Here, you make these decisions for me. I’ve got enough on my plate”?

Use Some Common Sense to Avoid Tragedy

The paper today carried a front page story about a local cyclist who was killed by a car. Two cars, actually. I’ll get to that.  It’s such a tragedy. He had just recently graduated college, his friends say he wanted to make the world a better place. The first car that hit him, kept going. Then a second car hit him.

Why Do We Have to Name Everything?

Everything we feel or do is a syndrome now. Have you noticed that? It seems like every personalty trait can be described as a disorder. Morbid jealousy disorder, paranoid personality disorder.

20 Reasons Everyone Should Take Acting Lessons

Here’s what my students learn:  Enter a room with confidence, head held high. If you don’t think you’re worth someone’s time, why should they?  Look people in the eyes.  If you shake hands, use a firm grip. No floppy fish and no vice grips. Again, confidence.

Is Grilled Meat Carcinogenic?

Oh, no!  Say it ain’t so, Joe!  That grand all–America pastime is bad for us?  No more burgers fresh off the grill?  Or chicken or fish?  Or a steak, if you’re into that.  And grilling has something for everyone.  Portobello mushrooms “steaks” and vegetable kebobs taste better cooked that way.

I Don’t Know When to Shower

Two weeks ago, I had some reconstructive work done on my nose and the doctor doesn’t want me to work out again for another two weeks. This is difficult for me for several reasons.

Lavender Rules!

I’m sure you all know that there are many plants and herbs that have a lot of medicine value, like garlic and honey. You can add lavender to that list. As anyone who has smelled lavender knows, it’s very relaxing, the smell makes you sleepy.

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