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Yea, People!

I got a call from my car insurance company yesterday. A guy had called them saying he had found my wallet and was holding it for me. My license, bank card, and everything else was still there. By that time, I had gotten a new license, bank card, and wallet, so it didn’t make a whole lot of difference, but still. He couldn’t find my number anywhere in the wallet – and let’s all take a lesson from that, shall we?

Why Do I Get to be So Lucky?

I participate in Quora, an online question-answer forum.  Anyone can ask, anyone can answer. There was a question from a woman whose story was so horrendous that I started my response with, “I just have to ask, is this a joke? It just seems too extreme to be real. But assuming it is…” This girl’s story was so awful that if you put it in a TV drama,

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Some Über drivers are suing for reimbursement for gas and other maintenance costs, saying they are actually employees, not independent contractors.  I did a little research on this.  Not a lot, there’s a whole lot I still don’t know.


They are older, they have money, they are well-educated, most of them have been married 10 years or more, and they have a divorce rate of less than 20%.  Who am I talking about? Swingers!  Betcha didn’t see that one coming.  But them’s the facts.

Look for the Little Things

I got my sunglasses fixed today. When I had had a chunk of disposable income, I’d splurged on prescription sunglasses with a pretty expensive frame. Well, expensive to me. But they made me look cool and I had the money at that moment, so I got them.

Honest Doesn’t Mean Tactless!

I just saw a TV show where the murder victim didn’t have a lot of friends because of his policy of total honesty. Hardly the first time I’ve seen something like that. We often hear it’s not good to be too honest.

Lawyers or Media, Which is Worse?

An article in yesterday’s paper says the officers charged in Gray’s death claim their rights have been denied them. One says she was not not Mirandized before giving her statement. And then she was called back in again for more questions. Attorneys for all six say their clients “provided statements under duress because they feared losing their jobs.”*

To Get a Response, Get People Involved

I was born and raised in Baltimore. I’ve been back here for close to ten years. Baltimore is a horse racing town, home of the Preakness. And I had almost no awareness of it. Before I could drive and traffic meant nothing to me, I never even knew when it was. This year, I watched it very closely.

Why Your Kid Should Play Team Sports

I think everyone knows physical exercise is good for kids. Well, good for everybody, but it has a strong affect on a child’s development. But did you know it helps develop the mind as well? This has been well-documented; moat child experts pretty much acknowledge this now. Dr. John J. Ratey wrote an experiment where kids were given the opportunity to come to school early to run for about a half hour.

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