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Employee or Independent Contractor?

Sep 7, 2015 | Ponderables

Some Über drivers are suing for reimbursement for gas and other maintenance costs, saying they are actually employees, not independent contractors.

I did a little research on this.  Not a lot, there’s a whole lot I still don’t know.  But it seems to me that when you own your own equipment and you have complete control over when you work, how many hours you work, and how you do your work, you’re not an employee.  There’s a trade-off and you don’t get to have it both ways.  If Über has to pay to have your brakes fixed, then they get to tell you when and how much you work.

I also think these drivers are rather short-sighted.  If they win and are declared legally employees, they lose more than their complete autonomy.  They’re going to lose money.  If Über has to pay expenses and taxes for them, their pay rate is going to go down.

I think people spend a lot of time working angles to get money out of people (encouraged, of course, by unethical attorneys).  I don’t think that’s a good use of time and energy, and not because it probably won’t work.

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