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Why Your Kid Should Play Team Sports

Jul 2, 2015 | Health and Life Style, Ponderables

I think everyone knows physical exercise is good for kids. Well, good for everybody, but it has a strong affect on a child’s development. But did you know it helps develop the mind as well? This has been well-documented; moat child experts pretty much acknowledge this now. Dr. John J. Ratey wrote an experiment where kids were given the opportunity to come to school early to run for about a half hour. That was the only change, and almost across the board, their grades went up.

But is there much difference in a child’s development between running and other individual sports, and team sports? They may do the same thing for the body – I haven’t seen anything about that – but they are drastically different in how they help develop the whole child.

Here is a partial list of other benefits a child gets from team sports over individual sports:

  • Learning teamwork
  • Learning discipline
  • Learning to focus on a goal
  • Experiencing the rewards of participation
  • Develops strong relationships with supportive adults
  • Develop critical thinking skills (woefully lacking in many schools these days)
  • Communication skills
  • How to get along with people, especially ones you don’t like.
  • Feel part of something; develop the ability to see beyond just him/herself
    Improved self-image

And don’t underestimate the value of camaraderie, which is easy to do if you have never felt the lack of it. I have heard argument against team sports. But when examined more closely, the issues were with the coach.

Jerry Seidman, retired coach/teacher (5/19/15), saw all of this proven constantly. And neither of us could think of anything else in a child’s life that can have this powerful affect on so many aspects of a child’s development. Can you?

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