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It’s Not in Your Genes

You know how some people blame their excess weight on factors beyond their control? “I can’t lose weight. It’s my metabolism.” Or “It’s genetic. My whole family is fat.” It turns out, that’s just not true. Well, your whole family may be fat, but not due to your genes.

THE LADIES’ ROOM: The Great Equalizer

For women, anyway. I’m pretty sure it’s not like that in the men’s room. Partly because they don’t need that kind of equalizer. Young girls especially are very competitive in the outside world. That’s especially true at clubs and bars. Girls do not help each other out that much. There are only just so many guys that are keepers, right? But for some reason, all that changes in the ladies’ room.

New Face on an Old Demon: The AltRight

Okay, it’s a clumsy Photoshopping job, but stay with me. I like to use my blog to talk about good stuff. A lot of people only speak up about what they don’t like. I like to use this space to edify and make people happy. But this frightens me so much, I feel a need to make sure others at least know about it.

There’s Always a Flip Side

If you’re a business owner, you get lots of calls from people you have absolutely no interest in talking to.  That’s a given.  Most of these calls are a waste of your time.  You know that, I know that, the caller knows that, but may honestly believe her call is not a waste of your time.

Transgenders in the Rest Rooms

Now that same-sex marriage is no longer a controversy in that it is now legal in all states – or is supposed to be – we had to find something else to be disgusted or offended by: Transgenders – Which bathroom do they use?

How Do Parents Stay Sane?

Last weekend, my brother and 7-year-old nephew were in town. While my brother went to his high school reunion, I had Sam for the night. He would have been quite happy to play with all the different sounds on my keyboard all evening, but I thought it would be a good idea to feed him, so we went out for pizza. My brother had left the car seat with me, so with Sam in the back seat in his booster seat, I drove us to the pizza place.

Who I’d Most Like To Talk To

I was recently asked – well, I was asked 2 weeks ago, but I only just came up with an answer – If I could talk with anyone who had ever lived, who would I choose?  I hate questions like that.  What’s your favorite movie?  Who’s your favorite actor?  What’s your favorite book?  There are just too many options!

Smile at Someone

I had an interaction with a sweet, kind, caring 18-year-old girl today.  She sees no reason to live.  She’s not angry, she doesn’t hate life, she just sees no reason for it.  I told her the purpose is what you make it, find your passion, etc.  She said, she could see that, but she doesn’t like dealing with feelings.  It’s just pain.

Just Say You’re Sorry

I filed some forms with the government last month.  Twice I asked exactly what I had to send in with it.  After compiling the documents, I called again, told the woman what I was sending, and asked if I had everything.  She said yes, I did, go ahead and send it in.  So I did.

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