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Anyone But Him!

Apr 3, 2016 | Private

I have never used this blog or my radio show to promote my own political agenda and I am not going to start now.  However, there are certain things I just feel compelled to say.  Mostly, what I need to say right now is, “Anyone but him!”  (I trust you know who the unsaid “him” is.  I prefer to mention the name as seldom as possible.)

How did this even happen?  How did it get this far?  I think it’s because no one took him seriously.  Nobody ever thought it would get this far.  But since it has, I think it is important to take a dispassionate look at what is going on.

What is being proposed – and, frighteningly, not only by him – is a wall on the Mexican border, a ban on Muslim immigrants, and deportation those that are here.  This goes against the very principles this country was founded on!  That’s why the pilgrims left England in the first place, for goodness sake!  Separation of church and state.  Remember that?  I’m all for keeping terrorists out, but this is not the way to do it, and not only for the reasons I’ve already stated.  But statistics show these actions do not target those Muslim immigrants who are likely to be terrorists.

Also, it sounds frighteningly like another character in history.  Back in the late 30s and early 40s, someone in a country in Europe decided the Jews were to blame for everything.  You may think I’m being alarmist, but I’m far from the first to have voiced this concern.  Nobody thought it would go any further than that 75 years ago, either, so they didn’t do anything.  But it set that country on the slippery slope that ended in such tragedy.  We all think, “Yeah, but that couldn’t happen here.  We’re educated, we’re a democracy.”  That’s what they said then, too.  That’s why many didn’t leave when they could.

Then there’s that wall.  That’s been tried in a European country, too, also with disastrous results.  Then there’s the fact that some countries have already said they will not deal with that certain man as president.  And why should they?  He wants to make us separatists.  If we won’t deal with them, why should they deal with us?  We can’t just keep to ourselves, it’s too much of a global community these days.

I get that huge numbers of people are fed up with politics as usual.  Me, too.  But putting a non-politician in office is not the answer.  A non-politician does not know how to function within the system to get results.  He can’t just say, “You’re fired,” he has to work in co-operation with others.  This man does not have a clue how to do that!

Look, vote for who you think would be the best president.  But for goodness sake, anyone but him!


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