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ESPN’s Fan Hall of Fame

Feb 5, 2015 | Just for Fun

Did you even know there was one? ESPN created the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame in 2012, to be the “home to the men and women who keep the game alive.” As it is with the music and movies, so it is with pro sports: Without fans, you have nothing. So, ESPN decided to shine a spotlight on them.

These loyal fans are more than season ticket holders. Superfans not only cheer on their team, the cheer on the other fans. They’re the ones that start the chants you hear coming from the stands. And they humanize the sports just a little bit more.

All the superfans in the FHOF are as well known in their little corners of the world than many of the players, and definitely as loved. There is one superfan who really takes advantage of this, in a good way. The Ravens’ Captain Dee-fense (2/3/15) was in the inaugural class of inductees and he uses his visibility to help his community. Wes Henson, as he is known when not bedecked with purple fatigues and plastic spikes, speaks at charity fund raisers, visits kids in the hospital, and otherwise serves as a model community leader. To him, that’s the whole point of being well known. That’s what he talked about in this broadcast.

Oh, one more thing if you’re thinking about going out for superfandom: You MUST have an outrageous costume.

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