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"The Grave Man" by David Archer

Sep 21, 2016 | Books

I almost didn’t write this review. I have never read a story that was so completely unlikely. It’s about as realistic as a fairy tale, and I mean that literally. The guy puts an ad on Craig’s List for a hacker and minutes later, he’s got one who’s good enough to have already researched him and gone to the Taco Bell he’s at, from which he posted the ad.

She is unbelievably good. I mean, even on television I haven’t seen one this good. And yet, she can’t find work. Or any way to get money. She and her 3-year-old are on the street. The guy takes them in – ‘cause he’s got this huge house that he only lives on one floor of. She does all the work, but he does the footwork, so he gets all the credit. Oh, and he gives her $1,000 to buy furniture for the kid’s room. This is the day after they met.

Of course, they fall in love. Or start to, anyway. They’ve only known each other for two days when the book ends. It even has those incredibly corny lines about how we only just met, but it feels like we’ve known each other for years. “It’s like I just know you, like I’ve been looking for you, and didn’t know how to find you…” A few decades ago, we would have said gag me with a spoon. It seriously reads like a fairy tale, except for the guns and stuff.

So, I was just going to ignore this book. But I have to admit, it has a really good twist at the end. It’s very original. Or at least, I thought so. Maybe I just don’t read enough tales of espionage and suspense. But I liked it. I didn’t like the book as a whole, but I did like that twist.

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