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"The Unimaginable" by Dina Silver

Nov 16, 2016 | Books

imagineThis is one of those “Oh, please!” stories. It’s just too unlikely. You know, the kind where everything falls into place  so neatly, where the best possible option just happens to be the only option available. It was annoying.

So, Jessica Gregory suddenly finds herself, at 28, with no ties anymore to Wolcottville Indiana and on a plane to Phuket, Thailand, to teach English at the local elementary school. As soon as she arrives, she lands a side job at what seems to be the only bar/restaurant in town. She, of course, does an amazing job at the school and everyone, including the kids, adores her. She instantly has a crowd of friends and is up for a promotion.

Highly unlikely events unfold right from the start. She’s at the Phuket airport, trying to figure out what to do now that she’s there. A man comes up to her and says, “You go, witch!”, but he’s got a nice face so she trusts him. Seriously? And I did find it a bit odd that she decides to trust him “at least long enough to get my bags off that curb and into a cab,” but it isn’t until a few lines later that she realizes he’s offering to get her a cab. But it was kind of cute that after he asks her if she needs a job and when she says she is there to teach school, he says, “So you need job.” You get the impression that this guy got his finger on the pulse of the island.

Fast forward a couple of months and enter a gorgeous, rich young Richard Branson-type and he really goes for Jessica. His wife died only four years ago, so he’s not ready to date again. But he just can’t resist our spunky heroine. His name:Grant Flynn. Come on! That’s a soap opera name, it’s not a real person.

So, they set sail on Grant’s boat, Imagine, I forget where, but it’s a route that goes through pirate territory. Sure enough, the run into pirates and it’s a seriously bad situation, but they survive it. Of course, Grant’s only worry is that Jessica will be hurt. Do I have to tell you they end up living happily ever after? Oh, yeah, I forgot. Jessica is able to go sailing with him because, after teaching there for four months, she accumulated four weeks of leave. That’s one hell of a benefits package.

Dina Silver is a good enough writer, as far as using the language. I just wish the story had been good.

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