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Transgenders in the Rest Rooms

May 27, 2016 | Ponderables

Now that same-sex marriage is no longer a controversy in that it is now legal in all states – or is supposed to be – we had to find something else to be disgusted or offended by: Transgenders – Which bathroom do they use?

One thought is that they use the one that matches the gender they identify with.  So, a transgender woman – and in case, like me, you’re confused, that means born into a man’s body – would use the ladies rest room at the game or the theater or school.  The person would not have present any proof of their true gender.

Those who object to this say that would mean a guy could say one day that he identifies as a woman and go ogle the girls in that restroom or locker room. This objection could only be voiced by someone who has never dealt with a transgender person. Or more precisely, has never knowingly dealt with a transgender person.

Because that’s the point. Most of the time, you wouldn’t know. When, say, a man truly identifies as a woman, it’s very hard to tell that she ever was a man. Trans individuals appear to be the gender they identify with. If a guy has a beard and wears jeans and a motorcycle shirt and says he identifies as a girl and should be allowed to use the ladies room, it’s clearly a ruse.

Several years of psychoanalysis are required before surgery is permitted, so why not say you have to at least have a note from your psychiatrist? Because not all transgenders can afford to see one. They will live as and appear to be the gender they identify as without having undergone all the surgeries and possibly the hormone treatments. It would be unfair to say that, because a trans person cannot afford it, they can never legally be treated as their true gender. And if you have ever dealt with trans people, you know there are many who have not had hormones or surgery, but still appear to be the gender they identify with.

Okay, locker rooms. Yeah, I’ll admit, that’s an issue. At school, my thought is they should not use any locker room while any other kids are in it. And I don’t think they’d want to. No girl wants other girls to see the equipment they’ve got. And a guy who doesn’t have the equipment, well, he doesn’t want to show that off to the other guys. Why not let them get changed after everyone else has left? It may not be that easy in other situations, but there’s always going to be a way to make it work.

So, what’s the next issue we should all be offended by? Anyone?

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