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New Face on an Old Demon: The AltRight

Dec 22, 2016 | Ponderables

Okay, it’s a clumsy Photoshopping job, but stay with me. I like to use my blog to talk about good stuff. A lot of people only speak up about what they don’t like. I like to use this space to edify and make people happy. But this frightens me so much, I feel a need to make sure others at least know about it.

The Neo-Nazi movement is not only still alive, it has gained respectability. And it has infiltrated our highest ranks. The supremacists aren’t hiding anymore. Looking like lobbyists on Capitol Hill, they are the KKK without the robes. Don’t be fooled by the name, The AltRight. Again, it’s just a way to put a respectable spin on the ultimate racial prejudice. Note: It’s not only white supremacy, it’s white male supremacy. The movement is not open to women.

This did not start with the election, but Trump’s victory certainly brought them out of the shadows and signaled smooth sailing ahead for them. And now, unless congress unites against it, we’re going to have a avowed racist – excuse me: AltRight leader – as the top strategist in the country!

I don’t like to just complain. I like to offer an alternative. But in this case, I’m not sure what we, as individuals, can do. The only thing I know for sure we can do is BE AWARE of it! Make sure people know. Find out what you can do on a local level. I’ve got a source in the current government and I’m going to see what that source says.  In the meantime, make sure people know.

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