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Possessive Plurals

Apr 3, 2017 | Grammar and Writing Tips

Or if the word ends with an s. Generally speaking, to make a noun a possessive – i.e., indicate ownership – you just add ‘s to the end. The dog’s leash got tangled.  That’s Robert’s book. What is the Sarah’s address?

But if the noun is plural, it gets a little tricky. What if there’s more than one dog whose leash got tangled? You still add the apostrophe at the end of the word, but you do not add an s after it: The dogs’ leashes got tangled. That’s the boys’ book.  What is the Millers’ address?

Most people want to add the s after the apostrophe.  Not only is it grammatically wrong, it makes the word much more difficult to say.  The dogs’s leashes…?  The Millers’s address…? How do you even pronounce those?

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