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The Team Go or Goes? Collective Singulars

Nov 23, 2015 | Grammar and Writing Tips

I get really annoyed when I read TV show summaries that say things like “The team go out to Hoboken…”  Not that Hoboken is a common destination on TV dramas, but the point is that the verb does not agree with the noun.  Yes, more than one person is going out there, but team is singular.  Or more specifically, it’s a collective singularSo for the verb to agree, is must be singular, also.  “The teams goes out to Hoboken…”

Here are some other common collective singular nouns: class, cast, entourage, couple, trio, Senate.  So, while I hope my following gets the point, I hope my followers get the point.  And really, can’t these publishing companies afford to hire people who know basic grammar?

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