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We Need More Silly

May 9, 2016 | Just for Fun

My philosophy is that, with jeans, any socks go with any outfit. I like to get creative with my socks. Every winter, I go to Target and get several pairs of the most colorful, interesting socks I can find (that are in colors I like). It’s usually just stripes or patterns, but I have narwhals on one pair this year. My socks are always very popular with people who see them.

I needed another pair, so a few days ago, I got the ones you see pictured here and they are my most popular pair yet. Manatees … In … Spaaaaaace… (You have to love the Muppets to get that one.) Isn’t that great? Manatees. With space suits! And helmets!

We need more fun things like that in our lives. We need more stuff like manatees-in-space socks. We need to lighten up. We don’t laugh enough. We need to laugh more. Go have fun today.

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