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Winter Storm Jonas, Day 2

Jan 24, 2016 | Just for Fun

So, the snow has finally stopped and now it’s time to dig out. I like this part. The buildings in my complex horseshoe around a parking lot and everyone comes out and we all help each other dig out. It’s really surprising how fast this massive job goes if everybody works together and just keeps digging. I was even chastised to carrying loads of snow that were really too big for me. They all assured me it would be just fine, just take it gradually. The teenage boys get a chance to prove they are gentlemen while their mothers watch proudly.

We’ve got a lot of old folks in our complex, so those of us who can, dig them out, too. Clearing the snow from under the back tires, pushing on the cars as they try to back up out of the space. I keep a big jug of kitty litter, which is great for traction, and I scatter that around. Really, it’s a wonderful time.

And then we get out on the roads and it’s every man for himself. Ah, well. We enjoy the camaraderie while it’s there.

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