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Winter Storm Jonas and Snowball Battles

Jan 23, 2016 | Just for Fun

It was really this deep.

It was really this deep.

Winter Storm Jonas and Snowballs

Here we are. Storm of the decade! I’m in Baltimore and we’ve got a good two feet of snow on the ground and counting. My aunt lives in Florida, but she’s a mother and she felt like she had to tell somebody to take care and I’m the farthest north, so I got the yesterday. My sister lives in ski country and she’s just laughing at us. This is business as usual for them.

Everyone stocked up during the week. Toilet paper, milk, eggs, and bread. That’s what everyone was saying to get. Apparently, as my brother said, we’re all going to make French toast. I stocked up on Wednesday and it was so busy it was difficult to even navigate the aisles. As I carried my basket over my arm, I pitied the people using carts. So, got my milk, got my food, got my videos/DVDs, and Friday afternoon, I hunkered down for the storm.

I sleep with my window just slightly open so I can get some air flow. I could not close the window when I got up this morning. I had to scrape the snow off the sill first. I live in a ground floor apartment and when I went into the living room, the sunlight was dimmed more than I thought it should be … because my windows were covered half way up with snow. And it’s continued for another three or four hours.

So, my roommate suggests a snowball battle. It wasn’t that cold. Bundled up as we were, it was actually nice out. Until we tried to walk. That’s how I know it was about two feet deep. My roommate actually got stuck. I had to pull her forward, push her back, pull, push, until she could get her feet back under her.

So, now we’re ready to throw snowballs at each other … and the snow don’t pack! It’s what skiers call powder and they love it, but it’s terrible for snowballs or snowmen. We were just shoveling handfuls of snow at each other, which got old real fast. Ah, well. It was really nice to be outside in it for a little while.

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