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The Reason is Never Because

You hear and read this one a lot! “The reason is because…” “The reason is because she’s going to meet us there.” No, it’s not. The word because means the reason that. Just take a closer look at the word. Because. Be cause. Be at cause of. So “the reason is because” is redundant. “The reason is…”  or: “It is because…” Those are good, those work.

If He Hits You, LEAVE!

There’s suddenly a lot of attention on abusive behavior of men towards women. As there should be. There is never an excuse for a man to hit a woman.* We don’t hit, we use our words. Did we not learn that in kindergarten? But some guys, that’s who they are and in way too many cases, they’re not going to change.

Winning v. Losing: Nicknames Required

Have you ever noticed that nicknames seem to be required in baseball? For the stand-outs, anyway. Name a baseball superstar who isn’t known by his nickname. Dizzy Dean… Shoeless Joe … Jim Palmer… Okay, maybe not all. Anyway, Cy Young was one of the best pitchers in the history of the sport, but his name is not Cy, it’s Denton. At his first professional try-out, he pitched a ball so fast that it smashed into the wooden fence behind home plate and tore it up.

Business Person v. Person

Thirty years ago – maybe even just 20 – terms like fierce and ruthless were often used to describe a good businessman. Let the buyer beware and cutthroat competition were commonly heard. In other words, the qualities associated with being a good businessman were not the same as those associated with being a good person. As businessman began morphing into businessperson – possible because of that transformation – that became less and less true.

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